Komunia, 2016, 80 min.

Communion (2016)


European Film Awards
European Documentary

Polish Film Awards “Orly”
Best Documentary

Trieste Film Festival
Best Documentary

Bratislava International Film Festival
Best Documentary

Leipzig International Festival for Documentary and Animated Films
Young Eyes Film Award

Jihlava International Film Festival
Best Documentary

Warsaw Film Festival
Best Documentary


Director   Anna Zamecka
Screenplay   Anna Zamecka
Cinematography   Malgorzata Szylak
Producer   Anna Wydra,
Anna Zamecka,
Zuzanna Krol,
Izabela Lopuch,
Hanka Kastelicova


When adults playhouse, children have to grow up quickly. Fourteen-year-old Ola runs the home, takes care of her father and autistic brother, and keeps in touch with her mother who lives separately; but most of all, she tries to get the family back together. She lives with the hope that she will be able to bring her mother back home. The pretext for meeting her is the First Communion of 13-year-old Nikodem, and Ola assumes full responsibility for preparing an ideal family celebration.

Communion reveals the beauty in the rejected, strength in the weakest, a need for change where nothing suggests it could occur. It is an accelerated lesson in maturity which teaches us that no failures are final. Particularly where it comes to love.