Cotton Candy

Wata cukrowa, 2015, 16 min.

Cotton Candy (2015)


Director Karol Kolodzinski
Screenplay Karol Kolodzinski
Cinematography Maciej Kozlowski
Music Jarek Lublin
Producer(s) Karol Kolodzinski
Marcel Krzysztof Broda-Zurawski
Alice Katarzyna Koleczek
Onion Guy Stefan Kazuro
Greta Hanna Konarowska
Nina Agnieszka Rose
Gabi Magda Roma Przybylska
What if you could influence the mind of younger you and make him choose differently? Cotton Candy tells a bitter-sweet story of Marcel. He goes to meet his girlfriend Alice. A walk through the park becomes a series of strange encounters with girls from his past. Can those circumstances change his attitude towards his present relationship? Marcel will soon understand that not everything around him is real…