Wyklęty, 2017, 105 min.

Cursed (2017)

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Director Konrad Lecki
Screenplay Konrad Lecki
Cinematography Karol Lakomiec
Music Szymon Szewczyk
Art Direction Joanna Biskup-Brykczynska
Producer(s) Marcin Kwasny, Dorota Bogucka, Konrad Lecki
“Lolo,” Franciszek Jozefczyk Wojciech Niemczyk
Bronka, Lolo’s Girlfriend Hanna Swietnicka
Minister of Security Department Janusz Chabior
“Wiktor,” Lieutenant Commander of the Guerrillas Marcin Kwasny
Captain of Security Department Robert Wrzosek
Rozycki, Colonel of Security Department Jaroslaw Witaszczyk
Old Gierada Ignacy Gogolewski
Doctor Leszek Teleszynski
Kazimierz Piotr Cyrwus
Set in the second half of the 1940’s, the film follows a small band of underground paramilitaries as they attempt to fight back against the Soviet-backed security ministry in post-war Poland. Determined to fight for their country’s future, the group goes to extreme lengths to make their voice heard. The film is related to the story of the last Resolute Soldier-Jozef Franczak, aka “Puppet.”