Daniel Kunzi

Daniel Kunzi
Born in Switzerland in 1958. Between 1998-2003 he was the member of the City Council of Geneve. From 1995 until today he wrote, directed and produced several documentaries.
2004 After the Gulag (Apres le goulag)
2004 Aimee S. Jailed (Switzerland 1945)
– Award at the Thessaloniki Film Festival, Greece
2003 Swiss Adventurers With General De Gaulle (Des suisses à l’aventure)
– Award at the Thessaloniki Film Festival and the Moskow Film Festival
2002 Switzerland and the Spanish War (La suisse et la guerre d’espagne)
2000 An Exceptional Swiss (Un suisse à part)
1998 Yvonne Bovard Deported in Siberia (With marthe keller) (Special Award at the Mocow Film Festival)
1985 Ignace Reiss (with Vanessa Redgrave)
– Special Award at the Ukraine Film Festival of Stackhanov)