Daughters of Luck

Córy szczęścia, 1999, 120 min.

Daughters of Luck (1999)


Director Marta Meszaros
Screenplay Marta Meszaros, Maciej Karpinski
Cinematography Piotr Wojtowicz
Music Jan Kanty Pawluskiewicz
Natasha Olga Drozdowa
Robert Jan Nowicki
Masza Masza Petraniuk
Wiera Ewa Telega
Janek Olaf Lubaszenko
Elka Ewa Dalkowska
Natasha, a young Russian teacher of the English language arrives in Poland together with her teen daughter Masha and her best friend Vera. The women intend to make money by selling merchandise at the bazaar. However, things are not going well. One day Vera is found bestially murdered, probably by the Russian mafia. After her interrogation by the police, Natasha and Masha are ordered not to leave Poland; their passports are withheld. A desperate Natasha yields to Janek’s persuasion and becomes a call-girl in a luxurious agency, whose owner is Robert, an international gangster. She tries to hide her new profession from the relatives. Soon the complex psychological game begins between Natasha, Janek who is in love with her, suddenly pubescent Masha and Robert who tries to implicate the young girl in his sordid scheme.