Day of the Wacko

Dzień świra, 2002, 97 min.


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Director Marek Koterski
Screenplay Marek Koterski
Cinematography Jacek Blawut
Music Jerzy Satanowski
Art Director Przemyslaw Kowalski
Producer Juliusz Machulski, Wlodzimierz Otulak
Adam Mialczynski Marek Konrad
Mother Janina Traczykowna
Son Michal Koterski
Ex-wife Joanna Sienkiewicz
Naiber Andrzej Grabowski
Doctor Piotr Michalica
Adas Miauczynski is a 44-year-old frustrated intellectual, teaching Polish at school and earning as little as 800 zlotys net, divorced, with a teenage son brought up by his ex-wife. One day he wakes up early in the morning. He stays in bed half awake, unable to get up for dreads of the new day. Unbearable repetitiveness of everyday routine and necessity of meeting people he hates is his greatest torment. He has his meals in front of TV, which is his only companion – arguments in the Seyn make him suffer, because his patriotism is profound, though stifled by ubiquitous advertisements. He takes pills to get some more enthusiasm for life, not to get old, and to improve his brain. Living in solitude, he has grown accustomed to leading an endless soliloquy…