Daydream of the Sleepwalker

Sen lunatyka, 2013, 13 min.

Daydream of the Sleepwalker (2013)

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Director Jenya K’Banchik
Screenplay Janusz Gilewicz
Cinematography Yevgeniy K’Banchik
Art Direction Yevgeniy K’Banchik, Janusz Gilewicz
Producer(s) Zoige
Janusz Janusz Gilewicz
Ilya Ilya Popenko
Estelle Estelle Bajou
Jenya Jenya K’Banchik
Based on actual events from Janusz Gilewicz’s life, the movie chronicles his struggle to promote a project he believes will put him on the path to fame and fortune.
An unrecognized painter encounters his own ego in a form of an uninvited strange guest. As a result of this encounter, the struggling artist is compelled to reexamine his views on art production.