Oszukane, 2013, 90 min.

Deceived (2013)

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Director Marcin Solarz
Screenplay Monika Gora, Michal Godzic
Cinematography Marek Gajczak
Music Bartek Gliniak
Art Direction Marek Zawierucha
Producer(s) Krystyna Lason, Tomasz Blachnicki
Anna Katarzyna Herman
Janusz Artur Zmijewski
Natalia Karolina Chapko
Magda Paulina Chapko
Grazyan Ewa Skibinska
Aneta Sylwia Boron
Pawel Kamil Kula
Kinga Anna Matysiak
Story of the complicated love between a mother and a daughter whose relationship is put to a difficult test. At the age of 18, Natalia discovers that she is not the biological child of her mother. It turns out that shortly after birth she was swapped with another child in hospital. The truth changes the lives of both women. Is love more important than being a blood relation?