Depression Mon Amour

Depresja Mona Amour, 2008, 52 min.

Depression Mon Amour (2008)


Director Rafal Mierzejewski
Screenplay Rafal Mierzejewski
Cinematography Andrzej Adamczak,
Jacek Mieroslawski,
Tomasz Samosionek,
Marko Stojanovic
Music Olena Leonenko
Producer(s) Rafal Mierzejewski
Janusz Glowacki Janusz Glowacki
A compelling documentary about Polish-American author and screenwriter Janusz Glowacki. A journey through Glowacki’s life, work, failures, and successes, filmmakers accompany him to Warsaw, New York, Moscow, Kiev-places associated with his life and work. Archival materials show fragments of theater performances, scenes from films, excerpts from TV programs and, contemporary footage of professional and social events.