Destined for the Blues

Skazany na bluesa, 2005, 101 min.

Destined for the Blues (2005)


PFF Gdynia
Audience Award; Best Actor Debut for Tomasz Kot;
Best Costume Design for Ewa Krauze.

Eagle – Polish Film Award – Best Costume Design for Ewa Krauze.


Director Jan Kidawa-Blonski
Screenplay Przemyslaw Angerman, Cezary Grzesiuk, Jan Kidawa-Blonski
Cinematography Grzegorz Kuczeriszka
Music Dzem
Art Director Joanna Bialousz
Producer Jan Kidawa-Blonski, Malgorzata Kidawa-Blonski
Ryszard Riedel Tomasz Kot
Gola Riedel Jolanta Fraszynska
Indianer Maciej Balcer
Leszek Martinek (Dzem Manager) Przemyslaw Bluszcz
Polowa, Gola’s Mother Anna Dymna
Janitor Zbigniew Zamachowski
Members of Dzem Beno & Adam Otreba, Pawel Berger, Jerzy Stryczynski, Zbigniew Szczerbinski
Soldier Arkadiusz Detmer
On a summer morning in 1993 in the small Silesian town of Tychy Rysiek Riedel, the leader of the music group “Dzem” takes off with his band for a concert in Warsaw. It happens to be an exceptional concert and a significant day in the life of the 37-year old musician. Destined for the Blues is a biography of Riedel, the legendary leader of the band “Dzem.” It is the story of an escape from the drab reality of communist Poland into the world of music and, unfortunately, drugs. The film paints a portrait of a charismatic musician lost in a blind, deadly alley.