Don Stanislao. The Other Face of Cardinal Dziwisz

Don Stanislao. Druga twarz kardynała Dziwisza, 2020, 83 min.

Don Stanislao. The Other Face of Cardinal Dziwisz (2020)


Director Marcin Gutowski
Cinematography Adam Diehl, Hubert Mastelarz, Bartlomiej Sterafinski, Krzysztof Sowizral, Marcin Wojtowicz
Producer Patrycja Redo


Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz is, on the one hand, a legendary personal secretary and friend of St. John Paul II, with whom he spent dozens of years. On the other hand, as the interlocutors of Marcin Gutowski say – a powerful hierarch, a gray eminence who can do his best to secure the specifically understood interest of the Church. This is when it comes to cases involving victims of pedophilia.

Marcin Gutowski‘s report shows this unknown face in an exceptionally transparent way, and at the same time without a trace of aggression.