Miasto Downów, 2010, 54 min.


Polish Film Festival Los Angeles
Hollywood Eagle Documentary Award


Directors Piotr Sliwowski, Marta Dzido
Screenplay Piotr Sliwowski
Cinematography Piotr Sliwowski, Marta Dzido
Music Grzegorz Martecki
Producer Piotr Sliwowski
Photographer Oiko Petersen

The filmmakers accompanied the author of the photographic project and his models – young people with Down Syndrome who, with the help of the photographer, stylists, and their own imagination, impersonated various characters known from the world of fairy-tales and pop culture, revealing through the stylized frames a world of dreams and a piece of truth: about themselves, about universal desires. During one and a half year authors of the film were observing this project, filming Oiko Petersen meetings with his models. Oiko was searching for an answer about their dreams, expectations and sensibility.