2007, 142 min.

Dustclouds (2007)


Director Filip Jan Rymsza
Screenplay Filip Jan Rymsza
Cinematography Piotr Grawender
Music James Steinmann
Additional Music Wojciech Kilar
Producer(s) Filip Jan Rymsza,
Jeff Trumper


Getz Wesley Walker
Karina Irina Björklund
Baal Jay Whittaker
Mrs. Casanova Jane Alderman
Farfarello (The Bride of Night) John Nyrere Frazier
Virgil /Cowboy John Lordan


Dustclouds is an epic fever-dream, chronicling a long night’s journey into day. As his wedding carriage rides beneath a starlit night, Getz vows to enjoy the fruits of his labor. Having worked his whole life, he has finally married. Yet as he lies in his bride’s embrace, Getz already starts to question his happiness. Deep within, he yearns for ‘the perfect’, which puts strain on his marriage. As the night progresses, inner turmoil unravels the fabric of Getz’s being. Years begin to pass like seconds. Time, identity and purpose become unstuck. And a great sadness is borne into his life. Getz longs for answers, but is terrified by what he could lose in his search for truth. What follows is a quest deep into his heart of darkness. Dustclouds and its companion film Sandcastles travel in a ceaseless loop, forming a diptych titled Sunday Morning Sublime. Each film starts where the other leaves off and can be seen independently or together. Different stories emerge depending on the order in which they’re viewed.