eX_misja, 2016, 31 min.

E-Viction (2016)


Director Grzegorz Lipiec
Screenplay Grzegorz Lipiec
Cinematography Grzegorz Lipiec,
Piotr Materna
Producer Grzegorz Lipiec


Protagonist Piotr Materna
Protagonist Krystyna Flugel
Protagonist Andrzej Flugel
Protagonist Marek Sielicki
Protagonist Grzegorz Lipiec
Protagonist Slawomir Wrobel

It’s December. The snow- and ice-bound Piastowskie tower block housing estate in Zielona Gora. People are getting ready for Christmas as the housing estate’s film chronicler, who has lived there from birth, moves out of the district. It’s an opportunity for goodbyes, reminiscences and conversations with neighbors, senior citizens life has forgotten about and friends. And there’s Manit, a homeless boy heartlessly evicted a few months earlier from his family home on the Piastowskie estate. He helps with the move, talking about his life and showing the cameraman around various corners of his native district.