2002, 85 min.
animation by hand

Eden (2002)


Director Andrzej Czeczot
Screenplay Andrzej Czeczot
Cinematography Zbigniew Kotecki, Andrzej Teodorczyk, Jadwiga Zauder-olesinska, Dorota Bernadowska
Music Michal Urbaniak
Producer Tomasz A. Filipczak
Visual Design Andrzej Czeczot
Adventure of a simple shepherd called Youzeck, an Everyman who first visit Hell, then Heaven, until to reach New York City on the board of Noah’s Arc.

A jolly and inquisitive simpleton remains block-and-white in the color film. Accompanied by his shepherd’s pipe he walks-flies-sails-rides traveling through time and space of Euro-American culture.

He encounters Prometheus, Hercules, Janosik, Salvador Dali, Chopin (in a musical competition with Paganini), Charlie Parker, Elvis Presley, the Beatles, in their Yellow Submarine, Noah and his family, Napoleon, Neptune, the Wright Brothers, Columbus, Isadora Duncan, and a lot of strange animals and Monsters, angels, devils, witches, and even Dad Himself…