Enchanted Dune

2018, 9 min.

Enchanted Dune (2018)

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Director Aygul Maksutova
Screenplay Aygul Maksutova
Cinematography Diego Madrigal
Composer James Starfield Asher
Art Director Aygul Maksutova
Producer Carolyn Krueger, Andrzej Kamrowski
Edited Aygul Maksutova, Wojciech Fry-Lewis
Executive Producer Wojciech Fry-Lewis
Traveler Kasper Svendsen
Narrator Wojciech Fry-Lewis & Gulistan Dance Theatre
Whispering Tree Carolyn Krueger
Black Enchantress Akiko Tanikawa
Desert Sirens Nicolette Henry, Donna Speckman, Jane Glaser
Djinns Georgina Corkett, Aygul Maksutova
Enchanted Dune is a complex dance film that evokes the fabled “Sirens of the Desert” tale circulated among travelers at the height of the Silk Road. It’s a blend of expressive Central Asian dance, explicit fashion and subtle acting in a bold style embracing surrealism, mystery and imagination.