Fall of Icarus

Upadek Ikara, 2016, 8 min.

Fall of Icarus (2016)


Best Short Competition, La Jolla
Award of Recognition


Director   Pawel Son Ngo
Screenplay   Jacek Birecki
Cinematography   Szymon Karlak
Music   Pawel Son Ngo
Producer   Pawel Son Ngo


Homeless Man   Andrzej Walden
Girl   Aleksandra Radwan
Boy   Tomasz Wlosok
Woman   Iza Kesicka
The Girl on the Wheelchair   Dagmara Kesicka

Fall of Icarus” is inspired by “Landscape with Fall of Icarus.” It is a metaphor of life. The plot takes place at a bus stop. People who are waiting for the bus are focused on their problems and they remain indifferent to what is happening around.