Field of Dogs

Psie pole, 2013, 95 min.

Field of Dogs (2013)

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Director Lech Majewski
Screenplay Lech Majewski
Cinematography Lech Majewski, Pawel Tybora
Music Lech Majewski, Jozef Skrzek
Art Direction Lech Majewski
Producer(s) Lech Majewski
Hero Michal Tatarek
Ant Xenia Elzbieta Okupska
Basia Anna Mielczarek
Confessor Jacenty Jedrusik
Kamil Szymon Budzyk
Father ploughs a supermarket with oxen, the plough ripping the tiles. A forest full of dead and Niagara falling onto a cathedral altar. These are the visions of Adam, a poet who ha lost his beloved in a car crash. A national tragedy imposes on a personal one. It is 2010, a Biblical year for Poland with floods, fires, landslides and the catastrophe of the presidential plane being torn apart i mysterious circumstances along with the nation’s elite. Adam gives up his job as professor of literature to work at a supermarket checkout. Yet all he wants is to sleep, escaping from the painful reality.