Fighter’s Room

2014, 16 min.

Fighter's Room (2014)

Los Angeles Movie Award
Best Short Documentary


Director Slav Zatoka
Screenplay Slav Zatoka
Cinematography Slav Zatoka
Music Jennifer Waleczek
Producer Slav Zatoka
Protagonist Nadja Ropac
A 32-year-old female boxer, Nadja Ropac, turns her love of boxing into a professional career typically dominated by men. A former kick boxer, she trains in the famous La Habra Boxing Club under the watchful eye of David Martinez, a decorated war hero and the director of an open door La Habra Boxing

Foundation that has produced champions like Librado Andrade, Julio Gonzales and Enrique Ornelas. Slav Zatoka, a photographer turned filmmaker, follows Nadja during the first few months of her professional career in a beautifully filmed short.