Film with English Subtitles

Film z angielskimi napisami, 2020, 103 min.

Film with English Subtitles

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Gangtok International Film Festival – “Debut Filmmaker (1st or 2nd Film) (Any length)” –Award winner.


European Cinematography Awards (ECA) – “Best Comedy”
Award winner


Director Marek Grabie
Screenplay Marek Grabie
Cinematography Krzysztof Golebiowski
Music Bartek Tomaszek
Art Director Marek Grabie


Guitarist Wojciech Solarz
Man in a hat Emil Zubelewicz
Ania Gabriela Calun
Love Tymon Tymański
Priest Andrzej Jezowski
Employee of the Polish Space Agency Grzegorz Halama
Highway woman Joanna Kolaczkowska
Psychiatrist Michal Sufin
Mother Agnieszka Wosińska
Father Karol Wolski


On the construction site of a road junction in Warsaw, out of the blue, a brand new section of the motorway appears. The workers, sobering after drinking heavily for an entire month, are not able to explain the phenomenon. The case is taken over by the Polish Space Agency. In the meantime different citizens of the city experience the same obsession – they see rubbish bins in everything.

Marcin Haberski, one of the people struck with the obsession, attempts suicide. He miraculously escapes death. Its proximity unexpectedly allows him to get within himself, where he is able to find not only answers to himself but knowledge about the mythical history of the humankind and the tragedy it was affected with. Gradually he begins to understand the true meaning of rubbish bins passed in the streets…