From Bed Thou Arose

Z łóżka powstałeś, 2014, 23 min.

From Bed Thou Arose (2014)

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Brooklyn Film Festival Award
Best Short Feature

Gdynia Film Festival
Audience Award in Independent Film Category


Director Bartosz Konopka
Screenplay Michał Ogorek, Bartosz Konopka
Cinematography Jacek Podgorski
Art Direction Katarzyna Masztakow
Producer(s) Anna Wydra
B. Pawel Domagała
Wife Aleksandra Grzelak
Father Stanislaw Brundy
Neighbor Tomasz Borkowski
Full of humor, minimalist and sometimes absurd, the film is a recording of tempestuous transformations of the past decades. It presents the contemporary history of Poland in the style of Tadeusz Różewicz and Michel Gondry and does so from the perspective of a bed. A young carpenter works in a furniture factory. His life follows a routine that he already got used to. When communism collapses, he loses his job. It is a breakthrough moment for him – he decides to open his own business. Nothing has remained the same since then.