Fuga, 2018, 102 min.

Fugue (2018)

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Polish Film Festival
Best Directorial Debut (second film); Best Cinematography


Director Agnieszka Smoczynska
Screenplay Gabriela Muskala
Cinematography Jakub Kijowski
Music Filip Misek
Art Direction Jagna Dobesz
Producer Agnieszka Kurzydlo
Kinga Slowik and Alicja Gabriela Muskala
Krzysztof Slowik, Kinga’s Husband Lukasz Simlat
Ewa Malgorzata Byczkowska-Szlenkier
Michal Piotr Skiba
Daniel Slowik, Kinga’s Son Iwo Rajski
Marian, Kinga’s Father Zbigniew Walerys
Kinga’s Mother Halina Rasikowna

Alicja does not know how she lost her memory, but in two years, she has created a new, independent life for herself, and has turned her back on her unknown past. But her family finds her, and she is returned to a home she does not know to be a mother, daughter, and wife to people who are strangers to her.