Fukushima – Area Restricted

Fukushima – wstęp wzbroniony, 2019, 61 min.
Fukushima - Area Restricted (2019)


Director Jakub Baryga, Piotr Dziemdziela
Screenplay Jakub Baryga
Cinematography Michał Rajewski, Marek Zajaczkowski
Music Jaguarec, Universal Production Music, Audionetwork, Bart Zaborowski
Art Director Jakub Baryga, Piotr Dziemdziela
Producers Piotr Dziemdziela


Dr Masaharu Tsubokura
Dr Sachihiko Fuse
Naoto Matsumura
Idogawa Katsutaka
Katsuyoshi Oyama
Iichi Shinno
Naoto Kan


Host Jacek Podemski



Fukushima – Area Restricted is a shocking documentary about consequences of Fukushima catastrophe. 

On March eleventh, two thousand eleven, the world held its breath. A powerful earthquake. A tsunami wave. A disaster at nuclear power plant No. 1. A series of events which has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people living in the Fukushima prefecture. The consequences of the tragedy are still clearly visible, but global interest in the situation is waning year by year. The situation seems to be under control and safe, and life in the prefecture, according to official news, is slowly getting back on track. What is it really like? Are the solutions aimed at eliminating all traces of the disaster having an appropriate effect? Is the situation fully under control?

Jacek Podemski, journalist, guide, explorer, host of the “Wstęp Wzbroniony” programme, will try to find answers about life after the disaster. He will set off on a journey to Japan, where he will see a world which has survived a terrible tragedy with his own eyes. With him, the viewers of the film will experience what it is like to discover dead cities where time stopped eight years ago. They will enter forbidden, heavily guarded zones where the radiation is still dangerously high.