Gift for Comrade Edward G.

Prezent dla towarzysza Edwarda G., 2009, 85 min.

Gift for Comrade Edward G. (2009)


Director Janusz Dymek
Authors Janusz Dymek, Jacek Raginis
Cinematography Dariusz Jadach
Art Director Marek Chowaniec
Director Szymon Bobrowski
Writer, prof. Roszko Tadeusz Bradecki
TV President Jacek Romanowski
Comrade Z. Joachim Lamza
Director Janusz Z. Miroslaw Baka
Comrade W. Ryszard Radwanski
Comrade S. Eugeniusz Karczewski
Comrade K. Krzysztof Janczar
In 1977 the comrades in a close circle of Edward Gierek, the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Polish United Workers Party decided to surprise him. During the celebration of the forthcoming Miners Day the monument of Wincent Pstrowski, the legendary socialist work foreman, was to be unveiled. But that wasn’t enough. Somebody came up with the idea of making a movie about the efficient worker and it was demanded that the movie be finished in a record speed of three months.