Greg Strasz

Greg Strasz

Director, visual effects supervisor and producer. Worked on major Hollywood productions like 2012; White House Down and Michael DouglasThe Reach where he served as co-producer and VFX supervisor. He is a visionary director focusing on emotional story telling. His unique cinematic vision and passion for drama and horror, makes him facing new challenges. In 2012 he got nominated for Anonymous on Visual Effects Society Awards for Outstanding Created Environment in Live Action Feature Motion Picture. In 2006 for The Triangle he received an Honor certificate from the Academy of the Television Arts and Sciences for his contribution to the “Emmy Award winning achievement for outstanding special visual effects for a miniseries.”

2014 Broken by Greg Strasz
The Reach by Jean-Baptiste Leonetti
It Followa by Davi Robert Mitchell
2013 White House Down by Roland Emmerich
Incubus by Greg Strasz
2012 Dark Horse by Roland Emmerich
2011 Anonymous by Roland Emmerich
2010 Nydenion by Jack Moik
2009 2012 by Roland Emmerich
2008 L’Ultimo Pulicinella by Maurizio Scaparro
2006 Fascisti Su Marte by Corrado Guzzanti, Igor Skofic
2005 The Triangle by Craig R. Baxley