2016, 12 min.

Grief (2016)


Director   Joanna Krawczyk
Screenplay   Joanna Krawczyk
Cinematography   Max Margolin
Music   Paul Bieda
Art Direction   Bryan Barrios
Producer   Tatiana Cheliesheva


Audrey Morrison   Miranda Bentley
Dr. Stewart   Michael Laurie
Alice   Martina Nucheva

Audrey  just lost her mentally ill sister Alice. She cannot handle it, that’s why she asks Dr Stewart (who was Alice’s psychiatrist) for help in finding out what happened to Alice. Dr Stewart introduces Audrey to the world of dreams, in which she is supposed to find out answers to all her questions. However, once Audrey entered the dream world, her “real” life turns into a loop, where Audrey lives the same day over and over. Every time Audrey enters the labyrinth of her dream she finds hints that in the end help her to understand the truth about herself.