Henryk Wars – A Songster Of Warsaw

Henryk Wars, piesniarz Warszawy, 2007, 53 min.

Henryk Wars - A Songster of Warsaw (2007)


Director Wieslaw Dabrowski
Screenplay Wieslaw Dabrowski
Cinematography Kamil Dabrowski,
Jan Komasa,
Zbigniew Mazur,
Piotr Rejmer
Music Pawel Olejniczak
Producer(s) Wieslaw Dabrowski


A documentary about a famous Polish composer, Henryk Wars who was a native of Warsaw and student of Karol Szymanowski at the Warsaw Conservatory. His songs are still recognized and loved today. The director attempts to honor Wars, his great service to Warsaw and Poland, and depicts his best known film hits. The composer’s son tells the story of his difficult years in the States after his emigration from the U.K. when WW II ended.