Bezdom, 2015, 37 min.

Homeless (2015)

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Director Aleksandra Panisko
Screenplay Agata “Ara” Rudniewska
Cinematography Tomas Suski
Music Maria Holka
Art Direction Ewa “Wiosna” Malas
Producer(s) Aleksandra Panisko
Zibi Bruno Panisko
Lucek Robert Buczynski
Zibi’s Mom Agnieszka Findysz
Teacher Marta Lara Polak
Boy Oliwier Nasalski
Salesman Krzysztof Winiarek
9-year old Zibi lives alone. He plays alone, does shopping alone and he almost never goes to school. Once he met a homeless with a cat. Zibi invites the man to his apartment and they start to live together. They become friends. But, if an abandoned child and a homeless can create a real home? And why this child lives alone?