Nadzieja, 2007, 101 min.

Hope (2007)


Director Stanislaw Mucha
Screenplay Krzysztof Piesiewicz
Cinematography Krzysztof Ptak
Music Max Richter
Art Direction Anna Wunderlich
Producer(s) Zbigniew Domagalski,
Reinhard Brundig,
Raimond Goebel
Franciszek Rafal Fudalej
Klara Kamilla Baar
Sopel Zbigniew Zamachowski
Father Zbigniew Zapasiewicz
Benedykt Weber Wojciech Pszoniak

Hope” is a story about blackmail. A well-respected art historian and moral authority steals a valuable painting from a church. He is caught-out by a righteous young “fanatic”, who actually doesn’t want any money but simply, that the painting will be returned to its old place.
A thoroughgoing idealist? Or a madman, whose brother is in jail and whose girlfriend has to tolerate weird tests of courage… Contemporary moral tale with elements of action film.