Hot and Cold

Ciepło-zimno, 2016, 36 min.

Hot and Cold (2016)


Director   Marta Prus
Screenplay   Marta Prus
Cinematography   Adam Suzin
Music   Krzysztof Aleksander Janczak
Art Direction   Aleksandra Starzynska
Producer   Marcin Malatynski
Sandra   Magdalena Berus
Woman   Katarzyna Wajda
Michal   Piotr Trojan

The film is a story of one meeting, made in one shot. During just a few moments the lives of  two women, who are complete strangers, intertwine into each other. They meet for the first time when the younger tries to steal the handbag from the elder. But instead of solving the problem assisted by the police, the women make an exceptional arrangement. Despite unfavorable circumstances they eventually help each other.