2008, 87 min.

House (2008)


Director Robby Henson
Screenplay Rob Green (based on the novel by Ted Dekker & Frank Peretti)
Cinematography Marcin Koszalka
Music David E. Russo
Art Direction Wojciech Zogola
Producer(s) Joe Goodman
Bobby Neutz,
Michael Webber,
Ralph Winter
Executive Producer(s) Wojtek Frykowski,
Erick Goss,
Dan Raines,
Marek Sledziewski
Tin Man Michael Madsen
Stewart Bill Mosely
Pete Lew Temple
Jack Singleton Reynaldo Rosales
Stephanie Singleton Heidi Dippold
Leslie Taylor Julie Ann Emery
Randy Messarue J. P. Davis
Betty Leslie Easterbrook
Officer Lawdale Pawel Delag
Mrs. Lawdale Veronika Rosati
A young couple experiencing marriage difficulties find themselves trapped in a guest hotel where they must endure a deadly battle for survival that tests their love and devotion. As a demented killer forces them through a series of “house rules” their stay in this demonic house will try their bodies, minds and souls.

(Filmed entirely in Łódź, Poland.)