Humble Servants

Sługi boże, 2016, 96 min.

Humble Servants (2016)


Director   Mariusz Gawrys
Screenplay Mariusz Gawrys,
Maciej Strzembosz
Cinematography Mikolaj Lebkowski
Music Maciej Zielinski
Art Direction Janusz Sosnowski
Producer Maciej Strzembosz


Warski   Bartlomiej Topa
Ana Wittesch   Julia Kijowska
Joanna Stanisz   Malgorzata Foremniak
Kantor Jan Rudzki   Adam Woronowicz
Parish-priest Witecki   Henryk Talar
Kalita   Andrzej Konopka
Georg Kuntz   Krzysztof Stelmaszyk
Magda Batorzynska   Monika Dryl


A young German girl throws herself from a church tower. The investigation is led by the experienced chief constable Warski who values saving lives over procedures. To his dissatisfaction also Ana Wittesch, a German policewoman of Polish origin, is assigned to the case. Warski is not aware that Ana came to Wroclaw to conduct yet another, secret, investigation, but he discovers the truth about her quite quickly. Not the whole truth, though- that is known to somebody else-parson Witecki. Meanwhile in Wroclaw appears Dr Kuntz, an envoy from the Vatican. What is the link between his arrival, the suicide of the German girl and Ana Wittesch’s investigation? Before this riddle can be solved, another girl throws herself from the church tower in Wroclaw…