Hiena, 2006, 87 min.

Hyena (2006)


Director Grzegorz Lewandowski
Screenplay Grzegorz Lewandowski
Cinematography Arkadiusz Tomik
Music Variete
Art Director Marek Zawierucha, Sebastian Gomulka, Rafal Waltenberg
Producer Pawel Rakowski
Man Borys Szyc
Father Borys Szyc
Ice-cream Man Borys Szyc
Small Jakub Romanowski
Small’s Mother Magdalena Kumorek
Policeman Krzysztof Dracz
Bryndza Aleksander Wysocki
Hyena is a thriller that takes place in the Silesia region of Poland. Small is a teenager whose father died in a mining accident. He lives with his mother and their house is in the middle of a deserted field by a marsh that is full of industrial waste, metal scrap and pieces of machinery. Rumor has it that a man-hunting hyena lives on the marshland. Small is very scared of the hyena because he has to cross the area everyday on his way to school. He befriends a man who lives in a wooden hut on the marshland who seems to be hiding from someone. Small helps him as much as he can, bringing him food and in return the man promises to defend him from the hyena. But at the same time children start disappearing from a nearby town. When a little girl, Small’s friend, does not come back home, Small starts to suspect the man.