I Woke Up Close To Her


I Woke Up Close To Her (2008)


Director Remigiusz Wojaczek,
Michal Poniedzielski
Screenplay Remigiusz Wojaczek
Cinematography Remigiusz Wojaczek
Art Direction Izabela Cieszko


Character1 Marcin Busko
Character2 Agnieszka M. Nowak
Character3 Mariusz Kuncer
Character4 Dorota Radziewicz
Character5 Fryderyk Olejniczak
Character6 Rafal Darek
I woke up close to her. She was alive when I left…beautiful in the soft light of sunrise. I deliberately passed him on the stairs, this elegant Dwarf who replaced her sun with blue sky. I realized I know him; we always meet in this passage. He never caused her to suffer, he always took her away happy.
I need to cease…I need to drink…forget…I need to leave, yes, I need to wash it away…dive into the sea, float….go under…
I don’t remember what time it is, when I wake up close to her. She is sleeping. She is alive when I leave. I meet Him, this elegant Dwarf… Yes , I remember Him…