2005, 16 min.

Ichthys (2005)

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Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival
Special Distinction

Belgrad International Animated Film Festival “Balkanima”
Grand Prix

Ottawa International Animation Film Festival
First Prize

Karakow International Film Festival “Etiuda & Anime”
Bronze Jabberwocky


Director Marek Skrobecki
Screenplay Antoni Bankowski
Cinematography Mikolaj Jaroszewicz
Music Wojciech Lemanski
Art Director Marek Skrobecki
Producer Zbigniew Zmudzki
Animation Adam Wyrwas
Ichthys (a Greek word for “fish”) is metaphoric, a film parable about the persistence of waiting, hope and fulfilment told in a unique and unconventional manner.
The main character is a mature man. He appears in a restaurant interior of which resembles a sacred building. He is the only client there and is greeted by a waiter with a cherub’s face. The waiter takes the order and leaves. The client waits for his return… Time goes by making everything grow old. When finally, the ever-young waiter appears with the ordered meal, the client looks like he is dead…