If It Happens

A gdyby tak się stalo, 2007, 39 min.

If It Happens (2007)


Director Marcel Lozinski
Screenplay Marcel Lozinski
Cinematography Artur Reihard,
Jacek Blawut
Music Johann Strauss
Producer(s) Wojciech Szczudlo,
Zbigniew Domagalski
Tomasz Tomek Lozinski

Tomasz is 18 now. Exactly 12 years ago, when he was 6, we started shooting our movie. He was joyously riding a scooter along the paths in the park, smelling flowers, feeding squirrels, admiring peacocks. Tomasz used to stop next to some old people sitting on the benches, and, with childish frankness, would ask them questions about joy, loneliness, fear of death, dreams, love and lack of love. The questions we adults don’t dare to express. Tomasz tried to catch a sense of life. Now, after 12 years, we have an exceptional chance to see what the inevitable process of growing up means, what has been gained and what has been definitely lost in the process. On his Birthday, Tomasz comes back to the garden of his childhood. A magical encounter will commence in the movie…