Iron Bridge

Żelazny most, 2019, 84 min.)
Iron Bridge (2019)

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Off Camera International Festival of Independent Cinema, Krakow
Honorable Mention for Bartlomiej Topa in Polish Film Competition.

Ekran Toronto Polish Film Festival
Best Director Award


Director Monika Jordan-Mlodzianowska
Screenplay Monika Jordan-Mlodzianowska
Cinematography Piotr Kukla
Music Andrey Dergachev
Art Director Michal Hrisulidis
Producers Anna Wereda


Magda Julia Kijowska
Kacper Bartlomiej Topa
Oskar Lukasz Simlat
Mikolaj Andrzej Konopka
Sikora Cezary Lukaszewicz


Kacper, who works as a foreman, has an affair with the wife of his best friend Oskar, also a miner. To meet his mistress, he assigns Oskar to the distant and dangerous coal seams. As the lovers enjoy their rendezvous, Oskar gets buried underground, so they throw themselves into a rescue mission.