It’s Now or Never

Teraz albo nigdy, 2015, 23 min. and 17 sec.

It's Now or Never (2015)


Director Patrycja Toczynska
Screenplay Patrycja Toczynska
Cinematography Patrycja Toczynska, Expositivo
Music Paul Bieda
Producer(s) Dusty Dukatz,
Paul Bieda



Story about a famous controversial hairstylist Kajetan Kay Gora and androgynous model known from Poland’s Next Top Model, Mateusz Maga. This movie shows their work and cooperation in the field of modeling an styling. It shows their way from the beginning of their careers, how they reached their current position in their professions and how they have made their dreams come true. It is about going through many obstacles and how important is to follow your dreams, live your life to the fullest and be yourself.