2009, 15 min.

Janek (2009)

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GRAND OFF – World Off Film Awards
Danuta Stenka – Best Actress, Paul Merkle – Best Actor

Short Shots Berlin, Germany
Audience Award

3rd Biberach Independent Film Festival, Germany
Honorable Mention

Short Cuts Film Festival Cologne, Germany
Honorable Mention

FILMZ Festival of German Cinemas, Mainz, Germany
Audience Award


Director Piotr J. Lewandowski
Screenplay Piotr J. Lewandowski
Cinematography Szymon Lenkowski
Music Manana Khundadze
Art Director Particia Walczak
Producer Piotr J. Lewandowski
Janek Weigelt Paul Merkle
Teresa Weigelt Danuta Stenka
Antoine Zbigniew Zamachowski
Thomas Bijan Zamani
Eleven-year-old Janek is raised in difficult conditions by his single mother in Frankfurt on the Oder. His mother loves him deeply, yet her alcohol addiction and her frequently changing boyfriends are not the ideal preconditions for rearing a child. Repeatedly Janek experiences clients visiting their home and treating him without the slightest respect. But Janek doesn’t give up.