Kaddish , 2019, 15 min.
Kaddish (2019)

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NYMAN Awards New York
Honorable Mention award

Southern Arizona Film Festival
Best of the Fest, Best Director, Best Advanced Student Film awards.

Williamsburg International Film Festival
Best Student Film award

Independent Shorts Awards, Los Angels
Best Narrative (short), Honorable Mention award

CUNY Asian American Film Festival, New York
Best Fiction Award


Director Razid Season
Screenplay Razid Season
Cinematography Uladzimir Taukachou
Music Lukas Schüßler
Production Designer Razid Season
Producer Razid Season


Akiva Aurel Samuel
Rebbe Paul Grossman


In 1943, a young Ashkenazim namely Akiva risks a journey through Miechów in Poland in order to fulfill his obligation of honouring his deceased mother on the anniversary of her death. He gets arrested by the Nazis, and finds one of his known elderly Rabbi in Nazis custody. The rabbi, who has lost his entire family in the Holocaust, is hoping to escape Poland for the Promised Land. They become able to escape from the Nazis. His journey is accompanied by Rabbi, so that Akiva can visit his mother’s grave and perform a Jewish ritual.