Kninth Floor

2012, 13 min.

Kninth Floor (2012)

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Director Migdia Chinea
Screenplay Migdia Chinea
Cinematography Pawel Pogorzelski
Art Director Frank Varela
Producer Migdia Chinea


Dr. Matt Lyon Darius Frye
Megan McPherson Josie Martineaux
Dr. Kyra Myer Sunayana Prabhu
Dr. Wolf Ruben Rabasa
Homeless / Waitress Bella Silverstein


Kninth Floor is a Science Fiction short about a group of strangers whose lives intersect in the parallel world elevator of a not-so-distant dystopian future. The characters search for the truth. One of them has committed a murder. After they board the elevator, they’re transported into another dimension where each individual pairs off with another and reveals his/her true identity and motives. A couple discusses whether morality is encoded into DNA. Another couple talks heatedly about the psychological oppression within their system of government. A man and a prostitute discuss political issues. At the end, it is revealed who and what they really are.