Locked in a Love Shack

Lokal zamknięty, 2021, 82 Min.

Locked in a Loveshack (2021)

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Director Krzysztof Jankowski
Screenplay Krzysztof Jankowski, Dawid Kowalewicz
Cinematography Marcin Czajkowski, Krystian Dulewicz
Music Andrzej Izdebski
Production Designer Ewelina Thomas
Producers Krzysztof Jankowski


Bernard Mondry “Nerd” Pawel Koslik
Bartosz Skompy “Bart” Eryk Kulm
Natka Emma Giegzno
Lizka Magdalena Kaczmarek
Policeman Roman Mateusz Damiecki
Policeman Tomek Wojciech Solarz
Politcian Marian Cieslak Janusz Chabior
Ula Schultz Milena Suszynska
Health Inspector Sebastian Konrad
Pimp Abeo K. Lude Reno
Brothel’s Client Andrzej Glazer
Mondra, “Nerd’s” Wife Gracja Niedzwiedz


Bart and Nerd have a fantastic plan. They want to break into the apartment of a corrupted politician, who is hiding cash from bribes in his refrigerator. A lot of cash! The way to get to it is through a brothel, so they have to be very clever to execute this plan. However, unexpected problems come up. A regular client appears – a police officer, the pimp comes wanting payment, and the worst thing is that a Health Inspector shows up saying that the brothel has to be closed down for 10 days, along with all people present inside. This easy and simple plan starts to become more complicated. There are more and more people interested in the heist and share. Can this heist have a happy ending?