Long Weekend

Długi weekend, 2004, 72 min.

Long Weekend (2004)



Polish Film Festival Gdynia 2004

Best Actor for Krzysztof Globisz
and Best Screenplay for Jaroslaw Sokol


Director Robert Glinski
Screenplay Jaroslaw Sokol
Cinematography Zbigniew Wichlacz
Art Director Dorota Ignaczak
Producer Pawel Gabrys


Bogdan Krzysztof Globisz
Marta Joanna Zolkowska
Hotel Manager Slawomir Orzechowski
Grandfather Leszek Piskorz
Poet Boguslaw Kierc
Waiter Maciej Damiecki


Part of the “Polish Holiday” series. Bogdan, a shy, middle-age man, choose Marta – Girl No3 – in a TV show “Blind Date”. The participants of the program, despite the host’s attempts to ease up the atmosphere, are tense and withdrawn – particularly the woman, who makes an impression as if she were in the show by mistake. The winning couple is to spend a long weekend in a luxurious hotel by the lake. Although they seem to be dreaming about finding a partner – they do not fit each other at all. Marta, a library supervisor, is a former opposition activist; Bogdan is a professional soldier. Jan Tomaszek – a legendary poet of the ‘80s – is staying in the same hotel. Enchanted Marta chases the poet, completely ignoring Bogdan. She even decides to celebrate the Constitution Day on 3dr of May. Bodgan is furious and prepares to celebrate the May Day. The hotel guests split into two rivaling fractions – those to celebrate May 3rd and those to celebrate May 1st.
At the end of the weekend Marta and Bogdan exchange their phone numbers, but this relationship doze not seem to have a chance to last. Life, as always, is unpredictable…