Lucky Shot

Fuks, 1999, 86 min.

Lucky Shot (1999)


Director Maciej Dutkiewicz
Screenplay Maciej Dutkiewicz, Robert Bruttner
Cinematography Andrzej Jaroszewicz
Music Marek Koscikiewicz
Art Direction Pawel Rakowski
Producer(s) Andrzej Przedworski


Sonia Agnieszka Krukówna
Alex Bagiński Maciej Stuhr
Policeman Janusz Gajos
Tadeusz Bagiński Adam Ferency
Mrs. Poznanska Stanislawa Celinska
The Woman Tomasz Dedek

Two smashed police cars, a bomb explosion in a residence of one “big fish”, and the theft of a luxury auto … that is the outcome of Alex’s eighteenth birthday.  From then on he decides to be square with the world and grasp his own fate. He is looking for vengeance on a man whom he has loathed for years. But as always happens, a beautiful girl gets involved in the fight between those two bitter opponents and turns everything upside down. Alex is a newie, in other words, a beginner. And he learns his life experience through many surprises…