Maciej Cuske

Cuske Maciej


Born in 1972 in Bydgoszcz. Documentary director.
For the past several years he has been creating films. At first these were short amateur forms, later on video clips for such bands as Graffiti and Nocna Zmiana Bluesa. The crowning achievement of this period was a film made by a circle of friends, an independent crime story on 16mm tape entitled How about You, Galuszko? (I co wy na to Galuszko?). In 2004 he passed entrance exam to the Wajda Master School of Film Directing, where he was a student of Marcel Lozinski. After graduation he continues along this path and he is an active and up-comming.


2011 Away from the City
2009 Kruzenshtern
Andrzej Wajda: Let’s Shoot! (Andrzej Wajda: róbmy zdjęcie)
2008 Remember the Sabbath Day to Keep It Holly (Pamiętaj abyś dzień swięty święcił)
– 2008 Krakow Film Festival – Silver Hobby-Horse of Krakow Award and Krakow Studen Jury Award
On The Sky, On The Earth (Na niebie, na ziemi)
2006 Suburban Train (Elektryczka)
– 2007 Cinarail Metro and Train on Film Festival, Paris;
– 2007 Grand Prix; 2007 Mediawave International Film Festival, Hungary – Special Jury Award;
– 2007 Ofensive International Film Festival, Wroclaw – Journalists Award;
– 2006 Krakow Film Festival – Don Quixote Award;
– 2006 Lubuskie Lato Filmowe, Lagow – Golden Grape
2005 Old Bookstore (Antykwariat)
– 2005 Krakow Fiom Festival – Bronze Hobby-Horse of Krakow Award and Krakow Students Jury Award