Obłęd, 2019, 23 min.

Madness (2019)

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Director Jakub Drobczynski
Screenplay Jakub Drobczynski
Cinematography Piotr Zurawski
Music Bogdan Klat, Maciej Palmowski
Art Director Sylwia Mayer
Producer Martyna Nitkowska
Kuba Mateusz Czwartosz
Mother Milena Lisiecka
Father Robert Latusek
Aunt Gabriela Muskala
Uncle Mariusz Witkowski
What happens when you open too many gates of perception? Is it possession or just a mental disorder? An uncle arrives to take back home his young nephew. He’s going to come home for Christmas. On the way, something strange begins to happen to him. But is it really his familiar home?