Man at War

Wirtualna wojna, 2012, 70 min.

Man at War (2012)


Director Jacek Blawut
Screenplay Jacek Blawut
Cinematography Jerzy Rudzinski, Michal Marczak, Jacek Blawut, Jacek Piotr Blawut, Michal Ostatkiewicz
Music Tomasz Stroynowski
Producer Jacek Blawut, Jerzy Dziegielewski, Aleksander Kutela, Anna Skonieczna
A film about the international community of people fascinated with World War II, who fulfill their ambitions in computer games. They take the role of pilots of flying machines during WWII and participate in air battles in real time. Some of them treat it as a hobby, but for many of them the game has become their life. Has a new human species been born – Homo Virtualis?