Marek Piwowski

Marek Piwowski
Marek Piwowski is a director, journalist and screenwriter. He made seven documentaries, three feature films and five TV theater plays. He studied navigation at the Moscow Marine School, journalism at the University of Wroclaw, and film directing at the Łódź Film School. Piwowski has been a miner, farm laborer, journalist at the “Nowa Kultura” Magazine, and a lecturer at the New York University in New York, NY. He has acted in films made by such directors as Skolimowski, Zanussi, Morgenstern, Zygadlo, and even his own films. He is a member of the American Film Institute.
2005 Oskar
1993 Hijacking Agata (Uprowadzenie Agaty)
1982 Magister półchłopek
1971 Hair
1970 A Trip Down the River (Rejs)
1969 To be Sixteen (Szesnaście mieć lat)
1968 Fire! Fire! At Least Something’s Going On
(Pożar! Pożar! Cos nareszcie dzieje się)
Success (Sukces) – short documentary
1977 Foul Play (Przepraszam, czy tu biją?)
1966 Kirk Douglas 1966