2018, 8 min.

Megan (2018)


Pitch to Screen Film Awards
Best Proof of Concept
Best Director
Best Cinematography
Best Editor for Zimo Huan


Director Greg Strasz
Screenplay Giuseppe Mercadante, Greg Strasz, Jean de Meuron
Cinematography Markus Forderer
Music Iris Wallner
Art Direction Carol Winstead Wood
VFX Supervisors Olcun Tan, Greg Strasz
Producers Jean de Meuron, Giuseppe Mercadante, Olcun Tan
Megan Matilda Lutz
Mr. Yoshida Garret T. Sato
The Driver Ralf Moeller
Akiko Yuki Sakamoto
Kenji TJ Misawa
Captain Weaver Edwin Modlin II
Megan is a proof of concept that can be best described as a tribute to Bad Robot’s Cloverfield Universe, considering much inspiration was taken from Cloverfield (2008) and 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016), as well as the franchise’s websites, mangas, marketing campaigns and the online ARG (alternate reality game). The film tells the story of Megan Paulson, who along with the elite Delta Force team, investigates a mysterious attack in present-day Downtown Los Angeles.