Michal Mroz

Michal Mroz
Born in 1990.Director of stop motion, screenwiter, graphic artist, photographer. His adventure with animation started when he was 14. Participant of animation workshops in Dresden and Legnica and also film workshops at the BBS and Panavision in London. Scholarship holder of the Warsaw School of Advertising. His short film received 50 awards at film festivals in Poland and abroad.
2011 Friction (Zgrzyt)
2007 The Tree (Drzewo)
– Awarded With 17 Prizes (Among Others: Silver Castle At the International Film Festival Off Cinema Poznan 2007; First Place At Kafla Festival, Warszawa 2007; Sound Place At the Tvp Competition Dolina Kreatywna, Warszawa 2007)
2006 Delightful Evening (Uroczy wieczór)
Europe (Europa)
– Produced At the Workshop in Dresden
2005 Strange Afternoon (Dziwne popołudnie)